You don’t know how many people you don’t like until you have to name a baby


Just for today..

I am writing this listening to a 3 month old screaming, no I’m not a mum but I have lots of hands on experience. This is me giving you a little part of my reasoning behind writing a possibly comical take on how to bring up the perfect child, you can do it… ‘It can’t be that hard’ right? So I’m 26 years of age with one niece and one nephew. They may be cute and adorable on the outside but children have a tendency to push you to desperation, with that devilish look behind there eyes, going into absolute meltdown at a simple ‘no’. You can solve this with a few realistically achievable tips, believe it or not the more you do with a child the better behaved it is, it’s not pulling your trousers off screaming for your attention and acceptance in life because it already has it, so get off your iPhone and play with your children.very simple and affective things that you can change in your everyday lives.. These tips will seem pointless but they will in fact save your sanity auntylaura

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